This site collects all of the documentation available for the Sciveyor project. This includes user-facing documentation, such as our user manual, as well as developer documentation, such as our API reference.

If you’re interested either in using Sciveyor for one of your own projects, or in extending Sciveyor to work in new and exciting ways, you’re in the right place.

New name and architecture!

The new release of Sciveyor will be available Very Soon, with a redesigned open architecture enabling contributors to much more easily develop analysis tools (in any programming language!).

This is also the first release featuring our new name and new branding.

Contributions welcome!

Sciveyor’s development, including issue tracking and future project planning, are hosted on the fantastic non-profit, Open Source code hosting website Coddeberg! New users are always welcome!

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Follow the Pence Lab on Twitter for information about new Sciveyor releases and other publications from our research group.

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