Developer Documentation

Because Sciveyor consists of a relatively large number of interconnected parts, with pieces in a variety of programming languages and communicating across multiple protocols, we have a fairly complex developer documentation portal accessible here.

For more information about the various kinds of documentation that you can find here, as well as a general description of the Sciveyor project from the developer’s point of view, check out the project overview. If you’re interested in understanding or contributing to one particular piece of the Sciveyor infrastructure, you can look for it in the list of categories below.


Here’s where your user finds out if your project is for them.

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the docs

Security Policy

Information about how to disclose security vulnerabilities and what we pledge to do in response.


Thanks and acknowledgments to developers and funders who have made Sciveyor possible.

Client Reference

Documentation concerning Sciveyor’s Rails client application (the web application that users actually interface with).

API Reference

A reference for all publicly supported API calls to the Sciveyor server.

Worker Reference

A reference for anyone interested in building workers, i.e., code that can perform analysis tasks that run on the Sciveyor platform.

SOLR Reference

Documentation about the Sciveyor Solr server, its schema, and the kinds of searches that it supports.

SQL Schema Reference

A description of the schema for Sciveyor’s SQL database, with which worker applications interface.