Contributing Translations

Contributing Translations

Would you like the basic interface of Sciveyor to be translated into your native language? So would we! We’ve done our best to make it possible to quickly and easily translate Sciveyor into other languages. We’ve signed up to have our translations performed with the aid of Transifex, an online community of translators from all over the world.

First, you need to create a free account on the Transifex site. Then, visit the Sciveyor project page. When there, you’ll see a list of languages for which we’re currently soliciting translations. If you’re able to help, click on the language that you’d like to translate for, and select “Join team.”

(Aside: Do you not see your language in the list? That means that the Rails framework on which Sciveyor is built, and/or the Twitter CLDR project on which we rely for translation support, have not yet been translated into your language. You can visit the rails-i18n project where you can help to contribute a Rails translation, or the Twitter CLDR project to see the status of your language there. Once it’s been incorporated into the Rails internationalization project and Twitter CLDR, we’ll be able to use it to translate Sciveyor.)

You can now use Transifex’s online editor in order to prepare translations online, or you can alternatively download a translation file to your computer, work on it offline, and resubmit it.

Thanks for your help – we’re excited to make Sciveyor accessible to as many people as possible!