Thanks and acknowledgments to developers and funders who have made Sciveyor possible.

Special thanks to all contributors to the code. In addition to the list of contributors on Codeberg, thanks as well to rrrene and etahnsr who contributed over on GitHub.

We also have received the help of a great community of translators at Transifex. Thanks especially to Alejandro León Aznar.

Also, several features of Sciveyor wouldn’t be possible without the excellent work of other open-source programmers. Thanks in particular to those behind RSolr and RSolr::Ext, and bibtex-ruby.

Charles Pence was supported in the development of Sciveyor by the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique - FNRS under grant no. F.4526.19. For the previous versions of Sciveyor (evoText and RLetters), Charles Pence and Grant Ramsey were supported by the National Science Foundation, HPS Scholars Award grant no. 1456573, and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), NSF grant no. EF-0905606.

FNRS National Science Foundation National Evolutionary Synthesis Ceter

Sciveyor © 2011–2021 Charles Pence. Sciveyor is licensed under the MIT license.

The stop lists found in app/lib/sciveyor/analysis/stop_list are released under the BSD license by the Apache Solr project. The colors in app/lib/sciveyor/visualization/color_brewer are released by the ColorBrewer project under the Apache license.