Types of Analysis

Descriptions of the various kinds of analyses that can be performed on the datasets that you create in Sciveyor.

For more information about the analysis tasks that you can run using Sciveyor, visit the following pages:

Article Dates

Plot number of articles in a dataset by date of publication.


Find a list of statistically significant immediate pairs of words.


Find a list of statistically significant distant pairs of words.

Craig-Zeta Scoring

Find lists of words that make two sets of articles different from one another, using the “Zeta” algorithm.

Export Citations

Export the contents of a dataset to your favorite reference manager.

Proper Names

Extract all instances of proper names.

Term Dates

Plot the occurrences of a term in a dataset by date.

Term Network

Display the network of terms associated with a particular focal word.

Word Frequency

Compute a detailed table of word frequency information.