Term Dates

Plot the occurrences of a term in a dataset by date.

To start this job, select the questions: “How has the frequency of a term changed over time? When was a word used within a particular dataset?”

This job results in a graph of the occurrences of the given term within your dataset, plotted by date, as well as those occurrences downloadable as a CSV file. This allows us to answer a wide variety of questions:

How has the frequency of use of a term changed over time? (Input: a dataset of interest, plotting for the use of a given term)

When was a term first introduced into the literature? (Input: a dataset of interest, looking for the place when the term is first introduced)

How has a term moved through the literature? (Input: comparing these graphs for the same term across different journals and time periods)


The only option for this analysis is to select the term that you would like to search for.